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Alec Monopoly x Eden Rock - St. Barths Surfboard

Sale price£13,200.00


Alec Monopoly is an internationally renowned street artist whose vibrant, tongue-in-cheek work invites his viewers to question ideas about luxury, pop culture and celebrity. His compositions feature instantly recognisable characters like Rich Uncle Pennybags, Richie Rich and Ebenezer Scrooge. The artist has showed off his trademark graffiti style everywhere from New York to London, and now he has worked his magic at Eden Rock - St. Barths, with this exclusive and limited collection painted especially for the hotel.

This surfboard features the iconic Eden Rock - St Barths hotel against a colourfully graffitied backdrop, with Alec Monopoly's signature cash-rich cartoon characters afloat on a raft in front. The reverse sees the artist's avatar - his identity concealed in signature style - waving from the hotel's balcony.