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Le Bristol Paris backgammon board

Sale price£7,800.00

Alexandra Llewellyn's love of backgammon comes from the wonderful universality of the games, its ability to transcend language, culture, and generations. Her handcrafted boards are also objects of exceptional beauty, borne of collaborations with expert artisans and acting as canvases for meticulous marquetry, delicate hand-painting, and bewitching print.

This exotic tournament-size board is from a limited edition of 10, designed by Alexandra Llewellyn exclusively for Le Bristol Paris. The surface is gorgeously flamboyant, just as a peacock is in full display, and as are the fashionable guests parading through the hotel’s elegant lobby. Proud purple plumage is exquisitely depicted, with the hypnotic eyes of the peacock's feathers arranged across a royal blue background. Handmade by London artisans with a satin walnut box.

Alexandra Llewellyn Le Bristol Paris backgammon board - Oetker Collection Hotels Boutique
Le Bristol Paris backgammon board Sale price£7,800.00