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Eden Rock Frescobol Carioca Beach Bat Set Tansoco

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Frescobol Carioca’s impeccably crafted range is inspired by the spirit of Rio de Janeiro and the 'Carioca' lifestyle – encapsulating a playful spirit in which the brand’s principles are deeply rooted. When founders Harry and Max attracted the intrigue of passers-by when playing a game of frescobol on the beaches of France’s west coast, it become clear that they had introduced this aspect of Rio’s culture to another part of the world, and Frescobol Carioca was born.

Hit the beach sporting these co-branded Transoco frescobol beach bats, emblazoned with the Eden Rock Logo on one side and Frescobol Carioca on the other, to bring a little of that 'Carioca' spirit with you wherever you travel. Styled with wrapped handles of red, orange or turquoise on several layers of sustainably-sourced wood.